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Wednesday, July 25, 2007


Okay at some point I just have to STOP!! I have been obsessed with gathering materials for new projects...not bad except that I already have too many WIP and too many little caches of projects hidden around the house. And yet I just can't stop!

I blame it on two things:
a) the number of fantastic and diverse KAL out on the net and

b) We are quickly approaching the beginning of Autumn (around the 1st weekend of August if you follow the Earth/Sun seasons) and so I think my body is going into 'harvesting' overdrive.

"Gather what you can before it becomes dark and dismal!

There is another theory and that is that I am over-compensating for the upcoming ABANDONMENT of my daughter as she heads off to college!

On top of it all I ripped out 2" of my Mystery Stole the other day. Sad, I know, but they mistake I am trying to correct would have haunted me!! Truly, it would.

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