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Friday, April 21, 2006

I'm back!

I hadn't realized just how long it had been since I posted...or really knit for that matter! Life is insane! (I know, I don't need to tell all of YOU that!)

I finished my podcast last night and came staggering into work this morning with ~2 hours of sleep and realized that sleep deprivation, in small amounts, can provide artistic clarity! Of course 6 hours from now when I am trying to have a intelligible conversation I will have to gauge that statement by the odd stares and blank looks coming at me from across the table.

But in-between writing code today I got the chance to catch up on some horribly negected knit-blog reading! Man, everyone is busy!!!

A big thanks to Stephanie for posting about the Dye-o-Rama otherwise I would have totally missed the deadline which is today! Our little knit group on campus is planning a Kool-Aid dying party for May Day so this fits in perfectly. Check it out!

So what is the next thing that Alice does.....that's right she starts to research!! Ah ha ha ha ha! I couldn't wait to get home and post.

Now I just created a post with my collection of research on Kool-Aid dying (nothing original mind you .... I'm much more like a pointer "Hey lookie over there at what she/he is knitting that is so cool...." So I got hung up at Scout's site and just adore what she is doing with stripes and dying her yarn! So no simple dye job for me babe' I'm SO gonna figure out stripes!

Here we go!

Scout's page and her cool homemade Ghetto Warping Board
Diana's tutorial on self striping yarns - hardware free and with math
Gina's Tutorial - hardware free with math
Eunny's Tutorial...very precise stripes!
Jessie of A Piece of Vermont had every step of her process documented!

Expect pictures of disasters soon!!! :-)

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