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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Time is out of control!!!

Ack! I thought I had posted more recently than the 10th but apparently not! That is so strange because I know that I have been typing in posts...I must be blogging in my dreams or in a parallel universe.


I am also fighting with Blogger who has decided to ignore my html code or the previewed blog and publish the blog totally out of wack!

Well I have proof that I have been working away on my Olympic knitting project!!
< insert fanfare here! :-) >

I am knitting for Team Wales and my project is Nona's I-cord fingered gloves. I am making notes in my head as to how to improve upon them the next go round...nothing wrong with Nona's method just the way I interpret directions....can you say "read BEFORE you start dear Alice!"

My daughter (in her Vogue model pose) holds up all the little knitted sausages that will become fingers...

The fingers horribly distracted by Valentines Day chocolate at a Girl Scout leaders meeting....

Fingers actually picked up and glove started......Wahoo!

If I can keep the pace I should have no problem finishing the gloves before the end of the olympics...I hope, of course I just realise that I missed a day with Monday's "President's Day" holiday! Hum, I guess there are going to be a couple of all nighters after all!

Comments on "Time is out of control!!!"


Blogger Stephanie said ... (7:35 PM) : 

Those gloves look fabulous! I love Nona's tutorials - she should really get paid for all that work! I'm totally going to try that method. Love the Einstein too - I think the crazy time warp has invaded my life too....


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