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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Because I'm a joiner that's why!

So yes, I have succumb to yet another KAL! I couldn't resist Stephanie's great idea for a Knitting was just too imaginative and I am all for supporting imagination and "group supported reasons to procrastinate on things I should really be working on"! Whether I FINISH this one is a mystery if my husband and kids were aware of this project there would be some heavy betting going on behind my back.

Everyone is picking out buttons for their home country and displaying them proudly on their websites and blogs but at this point I was a little hesitant to join up with mainstream...those who know me will snort and say "so what else is new". Since the USA is so well represented I decided to help out the Welsh National Team. I apparently have genetic links to Wales that dates back to before the Penn colony. Besides, they included drinking and a cute little dragon on their button what's not to like!

If I ever get back to the mother island, I would love to visit Wales! This last trip was planned by my Girl Scout troop and the then 15 yr old had a very different agenda from mine. Who knows maybe drop in on Brenda from Cast-On and lust after her microphone which is so much nicer than mine!

If you haven't listened to Brenda's podcast yet you should. I have my own podcast, astronomy related, so I can appreciate just how much work goes into putting one together. She has a great sense of humor and just the right amount of irreverence to suit me. You will find a list of other knitting podcasts on her website that is much more up to date than mine! Currently I listen faithfully to Cast-On, Knitcast, and About Time. I check in on Secret Knitting from time to time so see what the project is before I listen...its not that I don't like her podcast it is just a matter of only having so much time in the week to listen.

So! According to the rules you have to pick a project that will be challenging for you and I am going to choose gloves! I have made one pair and they didn't fit anyone, the fingers were too small and the palms were too big. So, I am going to follow Nona's pattern for the serial gloves from her website.

I have visions of using up all the bits and pieces of sock yarn shoved at the bottom of the yarn basket.

Of course before any of this happens I MUST finish off more knitted articles for our charity sale NEXT WEEK. I feel horrible, I never knit to my potential for this project. All the proceeds go to breast cancer research which is such a great cause! I only have a few articles to donate so I am going to bust butt this weekend and knit up some more and get some beginners kits put together. The sale is February 7th and 8th at the University of Washington Tacoma so if you are in the area, drop on by!

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