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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Struggling with trees!

Well we FINALLY have the tree up! Given that we don't actually practice the religion of Christmas, but then again who really does, we do participate in all the trappings like a large part of the population. I no longer really see it as a hypocrisy, it is a traditional seasonal celebration. Since there was no 'tree' in the Christian history of the celebration of the birth of Jesus I can put mine up knowing it was stolen from earlier religions and just dare the challenge. I think the Egyptians, Pagans and Romans have a much longer history with evergreen and bring them into the home around the Winter Solstice than the modern Christian religion.

I remember as a camp counselor we use to make decorations and shiny objects and leave them on trees as an offering for the wood sprites, so maybe that is where it comes from.

The current decorating of trees is wholly a trip through time, there is no current/living religious justification for hanging ornaments on a tree, but for me all the little things the kids made, or I made for them, or our recent tradition of them receiving one ornament each year so they can one day have a starter set for their own Yule trees is a sweet fun tradition I enjoy.

Michael was not cooperating at ALL with my picture taking during the tree set up. I had to sneak up to the top of the stairs to get a picture of him hiding behind the tree. He was also not very excited about learning how to put the light on the tree and claimed that I was far to fastidious about the "spiral up and down the branch, lights above your head point down, lights on the lower boughs point up, cords can't show". Geez!

So, I will post a picture once we get the ornaments on and everything picture perfect!

I have been a fan of podcasts these last several months and after writing my post on knitting podcasts I decided to create my own podcast on astronomy! I am targeting folks who are just starting out in astronomy and older kids. You can subscribe to my podcast on the sidebar with the other podcast links. Take a listen and then comment on the website for the podcast...Astronomy a Go Go!

My son Michael supplied my introduction, he was much more interested in playing with the recording devise than he was decorating the tree! Go figure.

Here is wishing everyone a wonderful Winter Solstice! Celebrate the day because it marks the return of the SUN!! Wahoo!

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Blogger Stephanie said ... (8:47 PM) : 

We have a telescope so I can't wait to hear your astronomy podcast. :)


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