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Monday, December 05, 2005

Beer, socks and not much else

It was a busy weekend and I got very little knitting done. I did finish the fall striped sock so that was nice to get done. I need to find another set of socks to cast on so that I have them around as a nice small emergency project 'cus that is what socks to best!

I started the blocking and finishing process on my Mom's sweater. This is a sweater that she started a million years ago and just never got around to finishing so I offered to block it and stitch it up for her. Here are the sleeves....

I need to talk to mommy dearest about gauge! Not that I am one to talk but I think this is going to be huge!

Another little project for the weekend was getting all the bottles washed so we can bottle the beer we brewed a month ago! I have 48 clean 20 oz bottles now and should probably go to the basement and get one more case just in case. It takes awhile especially when folks leave the labels on the bottles! Dave 'donated' (re: cleared out his basement!) the cases and they all had labels on them so here is the process:
1.) soak the bottles in water and a little simple green for about 10 minutes
2.) rinse inside (thank god I have the little bottle washer) and out
3.) use a razor blade and peel off the label
4.) load in the dishwasher and sterilize

So it took a while but they are done!

Here is the recipe we used for the beer it will be a lightly spiced Irish Stout:
1 lb Clover Honey (bottling)
12 inches cinnamon sticks
4 oz ginger root, freshly peeled and grated
2 teaspoons All Spice
1 teaspoon Cloves
4 grated rinds from medium size oranges
6-8 pounds dark malt extract
1/2-1 pound roasted barley
1/2-1 pound black patent malt
3-4 ounces bittering hops (e.g., Bullion)
small amount aromatic hops (optional)
ale yeast

The house smelled great when I was prepping everything, grating the ginger and orange rinds and even better when we brewed. I need to go check the brew, I'm worried that we let it sit tooooo long and it will be ruined. Let's hope not that would be a shame!!

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