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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Happy Feet

Today is Wednesday, Happyday, Knitday!

I wore my sandals barefoot coming in this morning so I could finish my socks and wear them! (Talk about incentive, it was in the 40's this morning) All I had left was the K-graft the last heel and weave in the ends. By the end of the 8:30a meeting I was wearing one sock, I grafted the heel in the 9:00a meeting and wore the socks back to the office and trimmed the ends there.

Happy feet!

On this pair I did the double decrease heel to mirror the toe. I think that is how I will have Noreen and Gwen finish theirs as well. On the burgundy pair I did a star heel which I actually like better but there is a lot of trying-on-as-you-go to get the depth right and I think it better to keep the directions simple. I need to find better directions for afterthought heels. I do like knitting from the toe up, 2 on 2 needles but I also like the fit of the gussetted heel. Hummmm...I'll have to think about that one.

For those of you who like the technical details both socks were knit from the toe up 2on2circs, the blue pair with double decrease heels on #0 needles and "Sock it to Me" Puzzle. The burgundy pair are knit on #0000 needles with a star heel and with KnitPicks "Simple Stripes".

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