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Thursday, November 03, 2005

Picking up a heel

Man is life busy! So on the knitting front I couldn't get my daughter to settle on a yarn for her OSW so I just picked up the socks that wait patiently for occasions like these and was able to finish the cuff on the second and pick up the stitches for the heel on the first while I caught up with old episodes of "Rome".

These are the same poor socks (toe up 2 socks on 2 circs) that traveled to Atlanta with me where I broke one of the circular needles and had to continue one sock at a time with a magic loop intervention. The circ is just on the limit of what can be used for magic looping so it isn't as smooth as it could be.

I also did a big 'no-no' and joined another KAL. BUT I HAVE A GOOD REASON...I SWEAR! Last year I knit Katie some fingerless gloves and they never did fit just right so I am going to frog the entire mess and start them over again. See I have good intentions, now to find the good time.

I have figured out what book I am going to send my Book Exchange Buddie on the Knit the Classics KAL/RAL it seems we have at least one author in common interest. It is likely that she already has to book so I will sneak in a couple of surprises to hopefully make it more endearing...besides you can't have too many copies of _______________. :-)

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