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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Running out of time

Yike! Okay I leave tomorrow at 4 am (gasp!) and I still have not gotten may act together on knitting so I will just talk along the socks that are gathering lint at the bottom of the knit bag. They have been so ignored by other projects they deserve a little lime-light! Besides, socks are one of the best travel projects ever!

Oh right! I still have to pack! (hee, hee, hee) The iPod is loaded and ready to go, I loaded up Jane Austen's "Persuasion" for my walks, pictures of the kids, and 1 gig of music. Who needs a toothbrush and clothes! Ha!

So this is the pair of socks that is waiting for the 'sock knitting class' in our knit group to catch up. I wanted to have the heel done so they could see what the afterthought heel looks like and I have a heel ready to pick up along with them when they are ready.

Note on afterthought heels: I took my original directions from Dawn Brocco's site but found that with 0-needles and 0000-needles it take many more rounds prior to decreases and inbetween decreases to get the fit right. My advise to the group is to start by knitting 4-5 round then try the sock on! Use your heel to monitor the decreases as you go! If you just follow the directions blindly you will end up with socks that are so tight across the heel you won't be able to wear them! I'm sure that this is due to the smaller size needles. But, since the group is using sizes from 0000 to 2 we are going to follow the 'fit as you go' instructions.

My boss, the only active knitting man I know, is wearing his first pair of handknit socks today and he is very proud of them! He did a great job and did some beautiful work on the heel.

It is nice having a boss who knits because he doesn't even think about it when I pull my knitting out in a meeting.

Today is also Wednesday which means it is Knitting Day! Wahoo! I will try to get some good pictures of what the group is working on today.

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