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Wednesday, October 05, 2005


I just love lunch-time on Wednesdays! Love it! Love it! Loooooove it!

I belong to such a lovely group of knitters and crocheters. I finally remembered to bring the camera so I could get a shot of what folks are working on....

Jeannie was working on a cabled project (a pillow cover I believe) but for knit-time she has switched to something that allows her to knit and talk at the same time...a basketweave project.

Gwen has been working on socks. This is her first toe-up pair and she reached a HUGE milestone today!! (Fanfare!!!) She is at the heel! (and the crowd goes wild) So she spent lunch time getting the waste yarn row put in for the afterthought heel. Notice that she is also sporting a very lovely pair of socks she made from the top-down. Gwen is creating quite a collection of socks.

May is new to the group and she has been wanting to make socks so Noreen got her started on a pair of toe-up, two-circular, afterthought heel socks...Noreen has all but finished her pair...ah the student becomes the master!!!

From left to right we have May and her brand-new, just on the needle sock, Noreen taking over the roll of sock instructor, Belinda who is starting on the back of a gorgeous mohair/novelty/sparkly yarn drop-stitch sweater and Carolyn who is, prepare yourself, swatching!! Carolyn is such a good girl!

Deb, in the front, is newly retired and I think she is busier now that when she was working! Tennis everyday, swimming, thank goodness we still get to knit with her! Jeannie is next to her, then Gwen and at the counter is Charlie. Gwen and Charlie own the "Metro Coffee Shop" where we meet. It is very conveniently situated right in the middle of campus. Aren't we lucky! A knitting group with their own personal coffee shop!

Okay so I really need to get back to the job of packing and getting ready for the trip!!! Yikes, just a few more hours.

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