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Monday, October 17, 2005

Felting late at night

Well it took me two movies but I got all my i-cord finished, all the ends of the Panes bag woven in and then got her felted. One warning about mixing black and bright colors, the black bleeds and tends to mute the bright colors a little bit. However I'm willing to reserve comment until I'm finished and she is dry.

I put her to bed last night, blocking her over a bucket, but when I got up this morning I wasn't really pleased/thrilled. I think she is going to have to go back in the wash this afternoon for another felting session. The i-cords are done and they came out nice and smooth!

Funny but now that I have an iPod I want to type iCords!! Okay, maybe it isn't funny but it tickled me.

This weekend the TAS Student, and some friends, headed out to the Museum of Flight for a challenger mission. It was a lot of fun! This time I was data and I had a lot of fun typing all the messages back and forth. Here is my console in 'Mission Control'... There are about 100 post-its on the side representing messages from different stations that I had to send to the shuttle crew.

And here is our 'Shuttle Crew' (everyone got to play both Shuttle Crew and Mission Control) Don't they look serious!! They were receiving their instructions and were doing a great job paying attention...I guess since I was running around taking pictures I couldn't be considered doing the same. My daughter Katie is the Medical officer on the far left, she ranks second on the flight crew and if she said "Stop what you are doing and come let me poke this thermometer up your nose" we had to do so. Fortunately she didn't pick on me!

And the entire crew. We had a mix of TAS kids and their friends, some other Girl Scouts from my troop and come Cub Scouts that Ken invited. I was ready to do it again!

Given this there was little time to knit except late at night which is why I was felting until 1 am. Gross...this morning came way too early! But, if all goes well tonight I will have a picture to post tomorrow (if Blogger gets photo happy again) and I can take "Panes" off the "keeping up with list".

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