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Thursday, January 05, 2006


I am usually in the middle of any new technology push so if you already know about "Pandora" then ignore this post. I just finished listening...hell I stopped in the middle...of the "Inside the Net" podcast to check out "Pandora".

Alice's Mellow Folk Rock

In short it is an online radio station designed around your own personal tastes. They ask your for the name of songs or singer you like and then they start picking out artists based on your initial selection. As songs come up you can say if you like them or not and they continue to refine your personal selection. Once you get the radio station the way you like it then you can share it! The icon above takes you to the first station I put together, Alice's Mellow Folk Rock...evolving as we speak.

ANOTHER big distraction from work! Yeah! But it was nice after a very long night of recording and editing the podcast! Go give it a try and we can start sharing music to knit by or write by or podcast by or fill in the blank __________!!!

Take care everyone! Now I should go back and finish "Inside the Net" oh yeah and WORK!

Comments on "Pandora"


Blogger Stephanie said ... (6:00 PM) : 

So funny because I have spent all day ripping cd's for my Ipod. I'm trying to fill that baby up! And my husband keeps bugging me to try Pandora. But the way he explained it didn't make any sense. Now I read your entry and I'm heading over there! :)


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