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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Knitting day and I am now available on the iTunes music store!

It's Wednesday and that means knitting! Can you believe that I got all the way to work and DIDN'T bring knitting today! What a riot! I had fun and got to watch, or attempt to watch, Ingrid knit. I have never in my life seen anyone knit that fast!

Ingrid is knitting a scarf with a lovely lace pattern. Actually, it has been 4 hours since lunch so she is probably finished! She doesn't need to follow a pattern and she understands how stitches lay and how to manipulate them that she can make the individual stitches twist and turn at her will. I am no where near her level of knitting! I wish now that I had made a movie of her knitting, I will bring the camera to knitting next week and see if I can capture the magic!

I finished Tess of the d'Ubervilles, man what a tragic figure Tess is! Sad book with some great imagery. I need to log in to the Knit the Classics site and see what the other folks think. I also finished "North & South" by Elizabeth Gaskell. Fabulous book! I will definitely suggest it the next time the Knit the Classics group takes suggestions! Read the book and if you like it go buy the BBC DVD, excellent long watch!

Well, I started podcasting and it is a LOT of work!!! You can find me in the iTunes music store, at Podcast Alley, and at The name of the podcast is "Astronomy a Go Go" and you can get to the site directly from the side bar. DON'T get your hopes up, these first session are pretty lame-o but I hope that with practice will come improvement and if not that at least experience!


Comments on "Knitting day and I am now available on the iTunes music store!"


Blogger Stephanie said ... (6:35 PM) : 

North and South is one of my favorites. I haven't watched the dvd yet though. I like Mrs. Gaskell in general.

I'll let you know when I listen to your podcast. It may not be for awhile though with all of this holiday craziness!


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