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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Golden Snitches and Knitting

For the most part you wouldn't think that Golden Snitches and Knitting would go together but they do! For those of you active in the knit-o-sphere you know that everything is connected to knitting! Yarn is what holds the universe together...I use to think it was duct tape but now I know better. For those of you who doubt this theory well....don't! Trust me it is safer not to doubt this.

So HSKS 3 (Hogwarts Sock/Scarf Kit Swap #3) is about to begin and I'm excited already. I joined on a lark to do knit/swap some Hogwarts related silliness not really understanding the complexity of this group! House points, hidden pictures, Golden Snitch loose in the blog-o-sphere...all of this starting on Saturday and I leave for vacation on Sunday and still need to get my astronomy podcast out!!! I hope my house-mates don't hate me!! I'll have to sneak in computer time on Saturday and Sunday before the camping begins. Oh wonderful Hufflepuffs I will do my best!!

Hufflepuff Rocks!

(image courtesy of BlueSkyTides)
I know we get housepoints for posting the HSKS 3 logo on our blog (which I have done) but do we get extra points for posting it on other blogs??? :-)

I'm heading out to Medicine Wheel with Mom and Dad next week and taking my September sock for Sock Knitters Anonymous (SKA), I'm knitting up a pair of Jaywalkers with some Tofutsie Yarn and these are the second pair of a dozen socks to knit. Whee!

I hope November's choice is a fast and easy sock since I will be NaNoWriMoing it as well. I have NaNoWriMo-ed for the past four years finishing only two of the four years. Hum, I guess a knitted sock will have to be part of the book or maybe even a major character. We shall see. I need to get my sister Kellie involved in NaNoWriMo she is an outstanding writer who would thrive in the NaNoWriMo setting and we would finally be able to see some of her work!

I'm rambling so I will sign off now.

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