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Monday, February 11, 2008

One more ball in the air!

HSKS #4 post. I am really doing well getting my package put together for my downstream swapper. All that is left is the bag and I might just make some more stitch markers because they are fun and I love the colors.

I'm not doing very well on the blogging or Quiddich part! I can't access the information at work and all my evenings are booked! I learned last week that emailing to the post, which worked well for the last swap, isn't working at all! I asked around and other folks are having issues with Blogger as well. Still like the site, just hoping those kinks get worked out.

The new HKSK format is very cute and I love the activity level but when you can't get there on a daily basis you miss what is going on. BUT the little clock at the bottom (I finally got that far down) helps a lot!

Life post
Well it is official, I am a student again! Just signed up for the Masters in Astronomy program and I am excited and scared. I am most worried about the balancing act of parenting/wife-ry(often the same thing), work, home, podcasting, society work, volunteering, life/fun things and now school. I only have two classes (starting in March) and they are a bit of a review so that is a relief. I know I"m going to have to give up some of the other stuff but for now I am starting by just saying "No" to the new stuff. School is working out to be a very valid and handy reason why too!


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