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Friday, June 16, 2006


Okay so what has been keeping me so busy? Well the podcast eats up a lot of time and then there are these cuties!

My daughter Katie, who is a Senior Girl Scout, is the leader for this new Daisy Girl Scout Troop! The troop may be small but we are having the time of our lives. They are posing behind the cake they decorated. He is a better picture of the cake...

The girls decorated the cupcakes and worked together to decorate the cake and had a wonderful time!

Kool Aid!

So between the "To Dye For" party my knitting group put on and the "Dye-o-rama" I participated in I have been having a great time dyeing yarn with Kool Aid! Now having fun and being good at something are two different things! :-)

I got the greatest hand dyed yarn from my swap partner Aija...I was so impressed it was very professional looking and she did it all with Easter Egg dyes!

In addition to the yummy yarn Aija gave me two skeins of sock yarn, a cute little bag to carry my sock project in so I can knit on the go. (Perfect for me!) Loads of candy, some egg dye, and a cool Travel Bug for my Geocaching fixation! Aija really read my blog and did a wonderful job!!!

She was a much better partner than I a was. Some of us just don't have great color combination skills so I think mine was a bust...poor Amber! I really wanted to dye up something great for her but alas, I'm just not that good. Amber, I hope the Almond Roca (made right down the street from me) made up for the bad colors.

I am lame!

Wow, life has just gotten way too hectic! I am in treading water mode and I don't think I am in danger of drowning but it means that some things, like this blog, get put to the side for...oh you know....the thing that puts food on the!

I haven't had time for any big knitting time blocks just little snatches so there isn't much to update you on. BUT I have exactly 2 weeks before I step on a plane and fly away to Colorado.

That will be sooooo great. I have been printing out the directions for the 4th Mystery Shawl and can't wait to start knitting her on vacation.