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Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Sunday, February 26, 2006


I'm ready for my gold metal!

I did it! They are done! They are ugly but they are done!

If I look like I haven't had any sleep that is because I haven't, 9 days, 9 different
astronomy projects plus the daily grind. The Olympic knitting took a back seat I went most of the work week without knitting time...other than meetings of course. That worried me but on the last day the cuffs were stitched up and the gloves were
off the needle. Whew!

Oh and look, I have an action shot too!

Any likeness to Kilroy is completely accidental...

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Time is out of control!!!

Ack! I thought I had posted more recently than the 10th but apparently not! That is so strange because I know that I have been typing in posts...I must be blogging in my dreams or in a parallel universe.


I am also fighting with Blogger who has decided to ignore my html code or the previewed blog and publish the blog totally out of wack!

Well I have proof that I have been working away on my Olympic knitting project!!
< insert fanfare here! :-) >

I am knitting for Team Wales and my project is Nona's I-cord fingered gloves. I am making notes in my head as to how to improve upon them the next go round...nothing wrong with Nona's method just the way I interpret directions....can you say "read BEFORE you start dear Alice!"

My daughter (in her Vogue model pose) holds up all the little knitted sausages that will become fingers...

The fingers horribly distracted by Valentines Day chocolate at a Girl Scout leaders meeting....

Fingers actually picked up and glove started......Wahoo!

If I can keep the pace I should have no problem finishing the gloves before the end of the olympics...I hope, of course I just realise that I missed a day with Monday's "President's Day" holiday! Hum, I guess there are going to be a couple of all nighters after all!

Friday, February 10, 2006

Madrona Arts Festival

Even though I didn't get to sign up for any of the classes, Eric and I walked down to the Madrona Fiber Arts Festival and went sock yarn shopping. Eric introduced me to Eva Gallageher who owns Spin Alpaca. Eva has some wonderful fibers and yarns! Ohhhh so soft and yummy!

Did I get myself in trouble???? Why yes!!! Of course!!!

But I didn't go that is a relief. What is freaky-weird is that Eric ended up buying exactly the same Blue Moon sock yarn I did in exactly the same colorway - Fire on the Mountain! (insert Twilight Zone music here) So we are going to knit up our socks and wear them to the next SIS meeting!

Friday, February 03, 2006

For my special Valentines Exchange buddy - Amanda!

Okay, I wanted to pass along some of my favorite links for sock knitting to my special Valentines Exchange pal Amanda!

I know you like earth tones but I couldn't resists trying to find a little Valentines Day sparkle to your earth tones so I sent you some Fortissima Colori Disco! I gave you the long #1 needle so that somewhere down the line you can get a chance to try some magic loop knitting. I have completely converted myself to knitting on two circulars and when I bought your needle I got one for myself to try magic loop knitting as well.

This first tip is great for any time you need a provisional cast on, I now use it all the time when I knit socks from the toe up. Click on the image to start the movie.

Click Image!
Go Knitting at Knoon for more video goodies!

Links to knitting socks with 1 or 2 circular needles GREAT for those who travel around with their socks to knit.

Excellent Toe up instructions -
>Turkish cast on tutorial for toe up socks
Your putting me on original

Amy's Socks

Denise's Lessons

KnitWits Magic Loop

KnitWits Basic Sock

Wendy's Toe Up Pattern - short rows

Many ways to start a toe

One needle, two socks, toe-up

Must-have sock knitting links:

Start thinking about summertime folks!!! Cool Socks! (Joan I double-dog-dare ya!)

You're putting me on!

Socknitters Home Page

Nice list of links

Toes and Heels

Peggy's stretchy bind off

Denise's two nice stretchy cast offs

Knitting Help has a great video on how to magic loop your knitting.
Click the image to play the movie

Well, I hope you like your valentine exchange it was sooooo hard to choose a book for you since your are so well read! I appreciate everything you have done to get this group up and running!

Three cheers for Amanda!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Old site re-found

Next week is our knitting group's Breast Cancer Charity sale so this weekend I am making kits for beginning knitters. I was looking for a site I found a long time ago that hand knitting videos to help learn different skills in knitting, I wanted to reference that site for our new knitters.

I found it!

I'll add it to the side bar so I don't lose it again!

If anyone would like to donate to the sale I would be happy to take up a collection, my podcast Astronomy a Go Go will be donating all of its listener donations to the charity sale from now until Valentines Day. Go to and click on the PayPal donate button!