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Monday, March 27, 2006

For my special April Fool's Mystery Exchange buddy - Lisa!

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I find it amazing how the pairings for swapping buddies happen. I thought they were totally random but now I know they can't be.

My April Fools Day Mystery Exchange buddy is from my hometown - Houston. My folks are still there and when they are not in Houston there are in Gold Hill which is right around the corner from my Valentine's Day Exchange buddy Amanda! Ohhhhh, goose bumps!

Anyway, Lisa strikes me as a person that like to try all sorts of new things! If you saw the answers to her questions you would see that there was nothing this woman didn't like and nothing she wasn't interested in trying out! I like people like Lisa.

So, in celebration of spring and of mysteries I am giving Lisa her own opportunity to Kool-Aid dye some wool for herself. Who knows how it will come out!!! (see there is a little mystery in knitting) And all of you can play along with the following Kool-Aid dyeing sites:

  • Here is a great step-by-step guide to Kool-Aid dying

  • And what is best about Barbara's site is she took the time to create and share a Kool-Aid sample chart so you can see the colors!

  • Knitty has a nice how-to and I am going to try her suggestion for putting the dye and wool in a ziplock bag and putting it in the sun like 'sun-tea' that would be great for camp!

  • Over at Monkeyknits Jen has some photos of the process in progress (I like pictures)

  • And Kiki has an interested method in her online descriptions

I hope you all get to give this a try, I know I will. Joan in our knit group is going to put together a little kool-aid party for us and I am dying for her to say when!

Back from the Woods

On Friday, just as I was packing to head for the woods for a weekend of Girl Scout Training, a lovely package arrived!!

Now I knew it was from my "Mystery Exchange Pal" but with a weekend of playing Outdoor Trainer ahead of me I knew better than to open the package and distract myself, better to keep it as a reward for a long weekend.

And what a reward it was!!

There is a

  • handmade card

  • hand dyed laceweight wool (I thing she did this herself!)

  • #3 DPN

  • a lovely Blue Moon DPN case

  • "Southern Fried" a S. Carolina mystery

  • and chocolate...not pictured as it was consumed!

Now how did she know that my DPN are scattered on my desk? Given the fact that I just spent the weekend with my N.Carolina co-trainer and 2 Southern participants my Texas-drawl came right back and so I had to giggle when I looked at the book...while my family laughed at my drawl rejuvenation.

I know! Sherrill is absolutely the best isn't she!! Thanks for everything, I love it all!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Poor neglected knitting

This poor neglected creature has only gained 1 row in the past week...poor, poor creature!

It is a good thing that hedgehogs are such patient least I hope they are! It would be bad if this thing got felted and then turned around to bite my ass!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I've been bad....

I have been bad....I haven't been posting.... but here, I have something to (hopefully) appease my friends and any offended muses or gods...


Notice the lovely numbers around the side...starting at the top! Yes, I celebrated Pi Day twice today. The first time at 1:59 UTC and again at 1:59pm at work. Yum!