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Thursday, September 29, 2005


Okay so there is a switch in the reading order in the "Knit the Classics" group which means I need to find a project for Ann Radcliffe's "Mysteries of Udolpho". Hummmm, so what does one knit for a gothic romance? Corrention, what can one knit in public to go with a gothic romance. Maybe a little peek into the book will help.

Almost feels like I need to knit something for a journey...

So I am considering the following: Bloom Shawl, the Hot Lava cardigan/shrug, I also remember that I have a pattern at home for a faroese shawl. But that is my M.O., go out and find something new instead of finishing up what you have laying around! sad.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Wednesday is Knit group day!! Whee!!

It is so great having a knitting group at lunch on Wednesday....hump day. Working on a university campus and meeting at the coffee shop means we have all sorts of folks in the group and a wonderful setting. Those of us who are staff here need the lunch-time break and it perfectly balances the week! Its all downhill from here folks!

Coming along nicely on the Panes bag. I'm taking it with me this weekend to the Klickitat Star Party so I will have some free time to work on it and hopefully get it felted before I head out to the National Girl Scout Conference! East coast here I come.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Picking the project for the October reading

I have decided that with each monthly read of the "Knit the Classics" group that I would use something about the book as a theme for a project to knit while reading the book. For Moliere's "Tartuffe" I have decided to knit the French Market Bag.

I know, I know, not very deep or creative but I have been meaning to knit this one for some time and it will be a very nice way to get rid of all the odds and ends of wool! I am a trainer for Girl Scouts and one of my participants brought a finished one and was knitting another at one of my weekend trainings so I am even more inspired to get it on the needles! There was a lovely knit-along for the bag so if you would like to see the gallery of bags please go visit the site!
So the next task will be planning on what to knit for Ann Radcliffe's novel...any suggestions?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Blogger fixed!

My earlier attempts to post this morning were thwarted by Bloggers attempts to get back up again. But it looks like their hints for clearing the cache and cookies has helped!

My mom and sister Kellie are modeling 2 of the 4 Karalund sweater my mother and I knit for last years family gift exchange. It was great fun having all the sisters and Mom in our sweaters even if the weather was much to warm for it. You've gotta love Houston with Thanksgiving in the upper 70's!

So, the real issue is what to make for everyone this year. Mom is hard at work finishing her book so I will be a one-woman factory. Since Mandy is in Texas it is unlikely that she will want another sweater so maybe felted bags will be the gift of the season!

Friday, September 23, 2005

When does it become Clutter?

So, as you can no doubt tell, I am rebuilding my knitting blog from scratch. Actually once I got past the 'but I worked so hard messing up the other one' stage it was quite refreshing! It would be nice to do with the house you know? Set up the 'new house' in the back yard, move all the good stuff over, perfectly organizing as you go, and then burn down the old house when you're done.


So same with blogs. I started to move over the cute little progress indicator bars and had to ask myself "Is this necessary or just clutter?" Does anyone out there really care if I am 67.27% the way through the Panes bag...probably not. My guess is that folk are much more interested in what the final project looks like and what yarns and colors I used. I love all the little blog toys but for now I am going to concentrate on streamlining the blog. I will add my daughter Katie's projects since we overlap and she isn't interested in maintaining another web-based log outside of her social rant on Xanga.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Late night Solstice celebration

Son Michael and I had fun last night celebrating the sun's passage across the celestial equator (aka the autuminal equinox). Autumn is really my favor time of year but from a solar perspecive I really hate seeing the sun creep south. We are going to have a wonderful/huge party for the celestial turning point and the winter solstice so stay tuned!

Why I like Knit-alongs

After years of knitting I really do consider myself a new knitter. Why? Mainly because I am still following directions vebatum and my palms still sweat when I try to branch out on my own and do something like....gulp.... substitute a yarn!

Knit-a-longs are great! Everyone out there starting with the same pattern but making all their own modifications and sharing them with the world. I can poke around and look at pictures and relax with my decisions for minor modifications and read along as folks excitedly post their progress. I broadens my "knitting club" to a "knitting planet"!

So, I have been voyeur long enough!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Starting Over

Well the last knitting blog drifted off in to obscurity so hopefully the new ability in Blogger for posting pictures will help. Honestly I find it more interesting to blog for my Girl Scout Troop than for myself.

So why start now? Simple if I am going to participate in knit-a-longs it is only fair to post pictures and comments. I know that I hit everyone else's blogs looking at their progress through last year's Karalund and Clapotis project as reference and I should have been returning the favor.

I may be taking on more than I can maintain but then again what else is new!