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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Back and Panicked!

So the point of a vacation is to enjoy, to relax and repair. I just got back from vacationing with my folks and the time with them was wonderful! I was pampered beyond all expectations! I was even treated to a private dinner prepared by Chef Janos ... my folks have the most wonderful friends! He just happened to be in Gold Hill Colorado working on his home there (my parents are up the street) and he wanted someone to try out some new recipes on! I KNOW!!!! If you are in Tucson Arizona you have to go to his restaurants!

As soon as I dig out the camera there will be pictures elaborating the fun.

What was not wonderful was coming back! I have a tsunami of work, tasks, housework, and commitments all threatening to crash down upon my head. I am fretting over the yarn choices for my HSKS #3 partner Stephanie!! I am looking for just the perfect blue and bronze sock yarn and nothing seems good enough! I want it to be a surprise for her so I won't post anything yet but here is a sneak of what I'm thinking has blue, silver and bronze covering both the movie and the book Ravenclaw color scheme.

This is only one of the yarn sets for her so hopefully with two different sock yarns at least one will please her!

(As you are reading this I just bit the bullet and pushed the purchase button so there is no turning back! Wow, that actually feels better!)

I have some crystal bead and material set aside to start putting together the rest of her package so I'm not a complete slacker!

...more later

Comments on "Back and Panicked!"


Blogger Valerie said ... (3:43 PM) : 

I bet your pal will love it! The color combination is beautiful and the best of both worlds!


Blogger Valerie said ... (4:22 PM) : 

You're very welcome!!


Blogger Piglottie said ... (5:19 PM) : 

Alice the yarn is wonderful, and I'm sure your pal will love whatever you send! Dont forget, you have until end of October to send your parcel out so you have quite a bit of time left. Now hun, breathe :)


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