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Said Hufflepuff, "I'll teach the lot, and treat them just the same."

Hufflepuff students are friendly, fair-minded, modest, and hard-working. A well-known member was Cedric Digory.


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Thursday, September 13, 2007

HSKS #3 Trivia Answers

Okay YES I am knitting!!! For those who are use to seeing knitting on this page it is still going on but I have some House business to take care of as well.

Go Hufflepuff!

1. b. Charity Burbage - tortured and killed by Voldermort with the Avada Kedavra curse specifically and in print *** (see notes)
2. c. Alecto Carrow
3. c. The wand chooses the wizard.
4. a. to kill the owner
5. d. Jack Russell Terrier
6. a. Otter
7. a. Stew
8. In book 5, at the start of term feast, what is Ron eating +++when trying to talk to Nearly Headless Nick?
c. Roast potato +++ (see notes)
9. b. ‘Three up... two across
10. d. ‘For those who take, but do not earn'

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Trivia special notes

See curse spell reference:
(although there is the possible second answer (extra credit?) of Possibly Mad Eye Moody - While trying to help Harry escape from the Dursley's was hit full face with a curse. Voldemort was casting Avada Kedavra curese at everyone so most likely Mad Eye was killed by that curse even thought it wasn't 'said' in print.) BUT as Adele has pointed out he wasn't a teacher at that least there isn't a specific reference that I can find to his status so my original answer stands with this one side note.

Quote from the book...

“Excellent,” said Ron, with a kind of groan of longing, and he seized the nearest plate of chops and began piling them on to his plate, watched wistfully by Nearly Headless Nick.

“What were you saying before the Sorting?” Hermione asked the ghost. “About the Hat giving warnings?”

“Oh, yes,” said Nick, who seemed glad of a reason to turn away from Ron, who was now eating roast potatoes with almost indecent enthusiasm.

“Yes, I have heard the Hat give several warnings before, always at times when it detects periods of great danger for the school. And always, of course, its advice is the same: stand together, be strong from within.”

“Ow kunnit nofe skusin danger ifzat?” said Ron.

His mouth was so full Harry thought it was quite an achievement for him to make any noise at all.


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Blogger Piglottie said ... (9:20 AM) : 

Thanks for posting so quickly Alice! And the extra notes are interesting. I would rule out Moody as he wasn't actually a teacher at this point, was he?


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