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Thursday, September 20, 2007

I am too knitting!

So raise your hand if work get in the way of your knitting and blogging! Yep that is what I thought...not alone there! I show up and shower them with wit and grace so why do I have to run all this data... beginning of Autumn quarter is always such fun! Whee!

Okay, so it has been slow going on the knitting front but I do have some progress to share. This is the Kimono Shawl from Folk Shawls that I am knitting for Mom as her Solstice gift. I needed something that was heavy enough to really work as a warm stole in Gold Hill Colorado and still be lacy enough to be interesting but not a snag magnet.

This is a photo of the all over pattern.

And where we are so far...unblocked

The pattern is good for traveling and for visiting and knitting at the same time. If you plan on talking while you knit this one I recommend adding stitch markers at each pattern repeat. I am using the snagless tiny hair bands and they are not slowing down the knit at all. They have a lovely way of 'hopping' onto the needles all by themselves.

So I am getting as much knit-blogging and Ravelry catch up as I can before the next round of Quidditch starts at HSKS #3
I am also playing with a pattern for a set of coasters for the design contest at same site.

Okay back to work.

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